Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jan.3 to Jan.8

Hi Everyone! Sorry for the delay! Many things have happened in the mean time. The main problem has been getting the wireless to work for us. It would of course help if we were a bit more computer savvy! Right now we are on the side of the road across from Matrix RV in Rockport Texas. We are using their WiFi signal. We will need to find something a little more comfortable tomorrow. We have some 50 emails in our inbox so bare with us as we try to get back to you! Right now we can't get the email reply or new message to work.

Anyway, we have had a great week. Well the last few days. Last Thursday, I (Teresa) got the flu and spent the day in bed. Derek was still recovering from his illness. However, except for the occasional coughing fit we are both back on track.

Saturday as planned we left for San Antonio! Wow - what a city and we were just in the suburbs. Talk about busy - cars every where! We parked the night in the Cornerstone Church parking lot and were up early to take in the Church and Pastor John Hagee's Sermon. We arrived 45 mins early and were treated with a tour by Emmett. We were then seated in the FRONT ROW!!! and we have the DVD of the sermon to prove it. After the sermon we were invited into the visiting room where Pastor Hagee speaks to the visitors. We were not able to talk to him one on one - wayyyyy to many body guards around! It was a great experience!

Next, we left Sunday afternoon for Goliad State Park about 1 1/2 hours south east of San Antonio. We got there in the afternoon and got settled. Not the most inspiring park but it has a lot of history and we toured the Mission from 1749 - where Texas ranching all started.

We were scheduled to leave Monday afternoon, however, Willow decided to go awol - she was gone from the morning until dark - so we stayed another night.

Today we arrived at the coast. We are at the Goose Island State Park. If you have your maps handy - or mapquest - we are just north of the towns of Fulton and Rockport - north of Corpus Christi. It is 73 - 22.8 c and it was 25 in the trailer last night. Very hot and muggy - but we love it! Lucky for you - you will have to wait a few days for the pics of this area - the palm trees, green grass, hibiscus flowers! 

We are here for at least a week - so lots of time to explore the area. Derek is excited about seeing the alligators at a nature reserve just north of us.

Hopefully we will update the blog more regularly now! 

Tomorrow is Derek's Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday Derek!!!

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