Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Jan. 9

Good evening.....

Well another jam packed day - for this - Derek's 43rd Birthday.

We headed out this morning to Aransas Wildlife Refuge about 1/2 hour drive north of our campsite. Remember I mentioned that Derek wanted to see some alligators - well he got his chance - in a big way! A couple mentioned to us that they saw some just up ahead on the trail - so off we went - not realizing how close they really were. Two other guys - turns out from Michigan - were standing there taking pictures. Well, one alligator is just off the trail by about 5 feet. They were debating about whether to go past him or not. I was of course also debating this. However, Derek urged me on and since they were all going I figured that I had a one in four chance! Derek of course tried to get as close as he could - the photo below is NOT on zoom!!!! Phew! Could have been Derek's last birthday. He laughs now but the scene could have gotten pretty ugly. Thank goodness I don't have to drive the trailer back myself!!

After that we went back into Rockport for lunch. We figure that the restaurants here are so cheap - why cook! So we found an authentic Mexican place on the edge of town - those of you who have been to Mexico - it looked and smelled like a place in Mexico. We ate like a king and queen for $14.00. We were stuffed - yummy!

Next it was on to look around Rockport for a bit. We stopped at their tourist info center. From there went on to the Book Nook. There was such a great selection we couldn't resist - well I did but Derek got weak with all of the end times books so he picked up a stack. Happy reading.

We then went and managed to find a BAD ice cream place - yup - there is such a thing. It was supposed to be home made and we guess it is but in this case it is not a good thing. It was like melted gelato gone bad. Good thing we had a coupon from the tourist place. 

We have new friends!!! our neighbors at the park are John and Becky from Illinois. They are here for 3 months - in the same spot. They just pulled in yesterday with their HUGE fifth wheel. They are taking us to a place next Tuesday with all of their friends - get this - all you can eat chicken fried steak and all the fixins for just $1.75 and margaritas for $1.00. Hey - it is a tough job to have to go check out these rumours - but someone has to do it! ha ha 

John and Becky are really nice - we have had a few road conversations - as they are across the road from us. We talk as they have two dogs that bark at our cats who run a muck. Why can't they stay in our site!!!

All for today, it is dark and pleasantly warm. We will go hang out in the trailer and read or see who else we can find to visit with. Everyone is so friendly down here.


bellelloyd said...

Happy Birthday son,leave the alligators alone.Good to hear of good times,and yes people you meet sometimes become friends for life just as we have.We have just had a bib dump of snow yuck and had to drive back and forth from Penticton as curling bonspiel is on.Take care and Teresa do not let Derek play with alligators.

pkjcm said...

Happy Birthday Derek! Glad to hear of your adventures and that you are nice and WARM. It's been a lot warmer here in Mortlach than it was earlier (+7C one day!) It looks like you are seeing some interesting places, and we are a little jealous--our trip last year was so much fun. We hope to get away the end of January for a bit. We are sure enjoying the chai ice cream. Thanks again. We can't wait to hear about the rest of your travels!