Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Dec.31 to Jan. 2

Happy New Year! to all of our family and friends.

Good news! the engine light was only a need to replace the throttle pressure switch. We went to the Auto Zone where they run a free diagnostic - very neat. They sell you the part and send you on your way. They were nice enough to direct us to Weber Automotive. The owners Charles and Val treated us really well and had us on our way in about 1/2 hour. If anyone reading this needs automotive work in Ottawa Kansas this is the place to go! We also got some great conversation in with Charles, Val and Val's mom from Topeka.

So, Monday was a big day. We got from Ottawa to just north of Waco Texas . The snow stopped mid Oklahoma and the warm temps kicked in in Texas! Not much of a new years eve - after stopping for dinner at about 7 we headed back on the road. After attempting to stop for the night at a few truck stops we ended driving until just after mid night. We ended up with one of the worst - wedged between semis with a very loud and busy highway beside us. So - up by 7:00 am new years day and on the road. Once past Waco we got off of the interstates - finally!
We headed west and then south stopping at a few towns along the way. We stopped for groceries in Johnson City - the birthplace of Lyndon B. Johnson - at a Walmart Supercenter. Surprising the grocery prices are about the same as at home.

We are now resting comfortably in the sun at Guadalupe River State Park up in the hills just off of hwy 46. We are in Boerne right now - at the public library. Boerne is a neat little town with lots - and lots - of gift shops. Teresa is in heaven - and Derek - well - he is not! We still haven't found a place to hook up the laptop so photos will have to wait for now. However, we can say that we took a few with Derek in a t-shirt. Yup - that's right - a t- shirt. We are of course enjoying very mild weather.

The geography is a savannah of sorts - rolling hills with grasslands and oak trees - which still have their leaves on! Last night it did get cool - between -5 and -7 c - the warden's tell us that it is coming from where we just came from! ughhh it is following us!

We will write again most likely early next week. We will be at the state park until Saturday when we will head into San Antonio to get in place for Sunday's Church service at John Hagee's Cornerstone Church. After that we will head to Corpus Christi - on the ocean - for a few weeks.

We hope you are all doing well and keeping warm!! ha ha ha

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