Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jan. 21 and 22

On the road again......

Well off to Big Bend today. We are sitting here at the Judge Roy Bean Travel Center - again - stopping to use the internet service since we were going by anyway.

Yesterday was beautiful and warm at Seminole. We decided to stay put for the day and enjoy our surroundings. We went for a walk - about 2 kms to the edge of the bluff. It was a bit windy but at least warm - about 20 c. It only went down to about 10 c last night. Very foggy this morning though.

We have had a special request to show some photos of the cats 'in a natural setting'. Here you go bro. Most of you probably would be surprised to know that when we stop at a park we let the cats roam free - don't worry - they always come back. 

We are looking forward to Big Bend - however it is a little more remote in the mountains so we don't know when we will be hooked up again - might not be until Alpine.

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