Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jan. 16 to 20

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the delay - we have been putting the miles on for the last few days. Traveling a little more than intended. 

We left the coast on Friday after waiting all week for our mail from home. Although it was a 2 day delivery from home it was already 8 days - so we decided to hit the road. The nice ladies at the mail depot - who were very patient with our constant dropping in and telephone calls - said that they could forward to our next destination.

Enjoy the pictures I took from Goose Island I took on Thursday on my walk from our site to the beach and to the end of the pier - it was a beautiful day. Last of the coastal pictures.

We headed to Falcon State Park on Friday. On the map look north west of a town called Roma - along the Rio Grande. We had a few tense minutes along the way when we were really low on gas and could not find a gas station that wasn't abandoned. Finally an Exxon on the horizon - phew! 

On the road again we made it to Falcon in the dark - around 7:00pm. From our research we thought that we would want to stay about a week here - boy were we way off. We pulled into the park and were really disappointed with the 'accommodations' - see photos. RVs are back to back and seem to be permanent residents. We found a space and once inside started planning where we would go next. Our concerns were confirmed in the morning when we saw the park in the light of day. Not to mention the 5 bird feeders at the site next to us. We figured that they would not be too keen on 5 cats next door. 

So on we went Saturday morning - early - we left about 8:00am. We headed north with the plan to come to Seminole State Park. We have been keeping in touch with friends and knew that they were at Seminole - we were hoping to catch them there. The trip went well except for not noticing a little sign in Laredo - turned out to be a BIG mistake. We ended up at a sign that said Do Not Enter and a sign pointing to the US/Mexican border. Not the best moment for the navigator (me) - luckily Derek could turn around and head back. Thanks to the fellow at the HEB parking lot for setting us back on the right path. 

Just outside of Laredo there is a very nice Travel Center. We loaded up on info and had lunch. To our surprise we had an email waiting for us from our friends who we thought were still at Seminole - uh oh! They were on their way to Falcon!

So on we went - and guess what - as were were driving through Carrizo Springs - who should we pass but our friends from BC - Don and Lynn! What does one do in this situation. Well we just kept going. We had no idea if they saw us and the issue around turing a travel trailer around quickly and chasing them down just isn't a good thing! So we missed a get together and feel really bad about it!

On we went through Crystal City, Uvelde and Del Rio. Again caught traveling in the dark we arrived at Seminole at about 7:00pm. A lot cooler here  - low last night just about freezing and wind chill, high today of about 41F - 5c. Windy last night - we thought that we would blow away. However, our blog name now makes some sense and Derek's coat and toque.

This morning we changed sites and took some photos. The park was almost full last night but you can see by the photos that everyone but us and a motor home cleared out of our area - looking for warmth we figure. It may be cooler here but the landscape is awe inspiring - difficult perhaps to see in the photos but the sunset last night was amazing.

We are now about 1/2 hour drive from the park at Langtry. There is a travel center here and museum about Judge Roy Bean and his Saloon. On the way we stopped and took the photos of the Rio Grande.

We will stay here a few days and then head up to Alpine and then down into Terlingua at Big Bend. We will write again then! We probably won't hit warmer temps again until Arizona. We will not complain.

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