Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jan. 8

Hi again - so soon! We have finally found a wireless connection - in our park parking lot across from a group of homes - someone has wireless. 

Just a note, a happy day tomorrow with Derek's BD, but a sadder day today as it has been 6 y.ears today that my dad passed away. He sure would have loved this place! We miss you Dad!!!! 

While looking around town we found a neat looking Church - doesn't really look like a Church but it says on the front "Our Faith in Jesus Christ is the foundation of this Church" - there seem to be no shortage of Churches around however this one peaks our interest. Judging by the looks of it we may be the only visitors.

We are surrounded by snow birds as there are many many RV parks here with HUGE rigs. However, we have yet to see a Canadian license plate. 

We may try our hand a fishing - they lend you rods and you don't need a license. There is a really long pier.

For lunch we stumbled upon The Diner - a cute little red building with a whole bunch of cars in the parking lot - seems to be a snowbird hang out. It was really good - and really cheap. Derek  had popcorn shrimp, pinto beans and fries and I had blackend fish, spanish rice and buttered corn. This plus coffee and a big coke for $15.00 - and free soft ice cream to boot.

Correction - on my comment on the price of groceries - while some foods are the same price there are actually many that are much cheaper particularly frozen foods, ice cream, cat food, chicken. Plus there is a huge latino food selection which is great for us!

Also, Derek got a pair of Wranglers for $14.00 which he paid $49 for in Moose Jaw - so - he got two pairs!!

Gas is $2.95 per gallon - so we spend just under $50 to fill instead of $70 which is very exciting. And of course smokes are cheap also - $36 to $39 per carton. Just so you know.

Derek wants me to let you know that he is thrilled that he found Franken Berry cereal - yes the pink stuff with marshmallows. Full of all those wonderful chemical additives he remembers so fondly as a child.

Well, as you can see we have built up a lot to say now that we can do so much easier. 

Note to George B - we got you your own personal copy of In Defense of Israel - so don't order one. We also got Jerusalem Countdown, and 23 minutes in Hell. 

All for now, we will now be able to update more regularly. Coming soon - photos of this beautiful area!

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