Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Just a quick note... we found a gorgeous place!!! Spent a night in Big Bend National Park - very beautiful surroundings but the camping wasn't great - plus no electricity. Plus - reports of coyotes and bobcats strolling around the rv parking!

We are now spending a night or more at Lajitas Resort - The Ultimate Hideout - check it out at Sadly it is a beautiful resort that went bad - the story is that the guy put 120 million in and went bankrupt. It recently sold for 14 million in foreclosure but it has fallen into disrepair. We will show pictures in the future - we are using the resort computer at the moment.

A few years ago they wouldn't have let us into the RV parking because it was built for Class A motorhomes - now there are 4 of us in the park. They once asked $100 a night for an RV - now it is $29 which is still steep but since we almost have the park to ourselves we went for it. Plus the Chihuahuan Desert surrounds us. We cannot put into words how inspiring the scenery is here. We met a couple from Colorado - they have already been scoping out the real estate. Beautiful houses stand empty and unfinished.

After this we are on to Presidio and then north to the Davis Mountain region - we will update again soon.

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