Thursday, January 24, 2008


Back so soon - we realized that we can get the internet from the comfort of our trailer at the RV site. Not much new to add. We decided to stay at Lajitas for a few days especially since it is a rainy day today. A bit of a scare last night - turns out the they deliver a newspaper at 3:00 am. Since it was the second time they came by and came up to the door I was a bit concerned. However, Derek was not to impressed to be woken up at that hour by me freaking out. Oh well - what are they doing delivering at 3 in the morning anyway!

We took a drive around Lajitas looking at beautiful houses that stand empty. Then we drove back in to Terlingua/Study Butte to look around a little - have some lunch at the Chili Pepper Cafe and get some gas. :)

May head out to Presidio tomorrow or Saturday.

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