Saturday, April 5, 2008

Now for something different...

Here is something different for those of you who have stuck with the blog since the beginning and have withstood our ramblings.

In our spare time, well - all of our time has been spare time, but we do try to be productive at times, here is what we have come up with.

TOP 5 STATE PARKS (amenities)
1. Goose Island SP, Texas
2. Guadalupe River SP, Texas
3. Seminole SP, Texas
4. Pancho Villa SP, New Mexico
5. Fort Davis, SP, Texas (#5 due to really cold shower room)
Honourable mention - Brantley Lake SP - great staff and view but awful showers.

Also, we were in only one Nevada SP which was Cathedral Gorge - not sure where to put it but we were impressed with the cleanliness and showers - good pressure and heated!!

TOP 5 STATE PARKS (scenery)
1. Picacho Peak SP, Arizona
2. Rockhound SP, New Mexico
3. Anza Borrego Desert SP, California
4. Salton Sea SP, California
5. Big Bend Nat. and SP, Texas - but horrible amenities

1. Drug Store, Fort Davis, Texas
2. Red Diner, Rockport, Texas
3. Red Ocotillo, Borrego Springs, California
4. Chile Pepper Cafe, Study Butte, Texas
5. Crystal Palace, Tombstone, Arizona - great Blue Cheese Burgers - and we don't even like Blue Cheese.
Honourable mention - Penny's Diner in Alpine, Texas - mainly for atmosphere.

1. Trader Joe's California - groceries
2. Tombstone Arizona - everything western
3. Silver City - New Mexico - window shopping - we like the Ol West Western Store 
4. Boerne Texas - home decor shops
5. Fort Davis main street - just because we liked the feel of this place! 

1. Bouse BLM, Arizona (Derek)
2. Salton Sea Rec Area, California (Teresa)
3. Lajitas Resort, Texas (Derek)
4. Goose Island SP, Texas
5. Hotsprings BLM, Holtville California, for the hotsprings and canal walks

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