Saturday, April 5, 2008

What we have learned so far...

- We LOVE chicken fried steak - the best tasting has been at the Country Kitchen in Bouse, Arizona owned and operated by Joe and Dawna Santo, the cheapest is the all you can eat just outside of Rockport, Texas - $1.75.

- Texas prices are by far the cheapest - for everything - from gas to food to clothing - boy do we miss those days of $2.85/gallon gas. California is the most expensive - by far!

- Texas State Parks have been the best in comparison to those we spent time at in New Mexico, Arizona, California, Utah and Nevada. 

- Arizona and California State Parks have been the worst in terms of amenities and cost.

- There are wayyyyyyyy to many people in California and it shows! 38 million.... and growing.

- But, California does have inspiring scenery and a great climate.

- We LOVE the grocery store Trader Joe's - great products and super prices - if only they would come to Canada!

- Boondocking is by far the cheapest way to go - however, the locations and scenery are not always the most inspiring. Just outside of Bouse, Az has been our favourite so far.

- We know one thing for sure - stay clear away from Javelinas - we call them devil pigs which may be a bit harsh but hey we took on 20 of them at our site in Fort Davis.

- We highly recommend the Star Party at the Mac Donald Observatory by Fort Davis, Texas.

- U.S. National Parks are not the greatest for camping facilities and that is being nice.

- Americans are very sensitive about their right to bear arms - best not to discuss this issue.

- New Mexico Pinon Coffee is the BEST coffee - take it from us we are coffee connoisseurs.

- Date shakes are yummier than they sound. 

- Stay off - we repeat - stay off the Interstates whenever possible.

- Although the US economy appears be in a downward spiral - there are A LOT of very nice big rigs on the road - some people have way too much money.

- And.... the US economy seems to be roaring along even with reports of a slow down based on all the housing and shopping centers being built - what slowdown?

- It is possible to live in a 21' travel trailer for 3 1/2 months with 5 cats. 

- We have met some really really wonderful people along our trip and want to thank them for their hospitality and sharing of information.

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