Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Derek's Update April 2 extra

Well I decided to take a try at doing the blog instead of Teresa. We are now at Death Valley CA. My opinion is that Death Valley belongs in Nevada, more in character with that state. Nevada is one hell of a gorgeous state! The whole reason we are here is because I whined as soon as we hit cold weather and flurries in Utah through the Bryce canyon area. I did not expect it to be so dang COLD that far south, but those mountains are high. Zion was beautiful but rainy and crowded , ohhh so crowded!!!! I had a touch of a cold so it made a real bit o' hell for poor Teresa. We ended up scrapping our north bound trip at a town called Monroe, Utah. We headed west off I-15, south of Salt Lake city, onto route 6 and 50 through Delta then down 93 south. We started to get into some warmer temperatures at Cathedral Gorge state park, NV. The park is inspiring and very well kept, thanks to the hard work of the young men from the correction centre nearby, thanks boys. This park is part of the Great Basin , high elevation desert. Most snow birds are heading north as we have observed on the congested north bound biways ... poor saps;P.We are now back in the warm zone with a forecast of hot, hot, hot 93 f this Sunday yaaaaaaah baby!!!!!! Well folks I am one satisfied pilgrim right now. I have a very patient wife.. Thank you Jesus. Happy Birthday to my nephew, Tylar who is now 11 !!!!!! Love ya!!!!! :)

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