Friday, April 11, 2008

April 11th

Montana! The second last day of travel after 3 days on the road. We are getting a bit road weary since we have been pushing through. 

This morning we left Arco, Idaho headed east and then north on I15. Lots and lots of Albertans and even Saskatchewanians on the road - all snowbirds we suspect. 

We saw a really good movie filmed in Butte a few years ago - cannot remember the name at the moment - so decided to check it out. We stopped at the visitor's center and then headed to the historic downtown. Butte is based on mining and has a lot of it's old buildings intact. The problem with downtown is that it is a bit rough looking with many of the buildings empty. We strolled around a bit and then headed back to the rig and back on the road.

Just up the road we stopped in the scenic town of Boulder. Realizing that it has a hotsprings - and since Derek has been talking about nothing but finding a hotsprings - we decided to go in search for the resort. After grabbing a really good pizza in town we drove the 3.5 kms to Boulder Hotsprings. We enjoyed a soak - males and females are separated - a first for us. We enjoyed the heat immensely since our bodies are still trying to get used to the much cooler temps - my apologies for keep bringing that up but you have to understand that we have been completely enjoying the southern climate. Palm trees, oh do I miss palm trees...

Back on the road we have made a late arrival into Great Falls. This is our 106th and last night away from home. Tomorrow we will do some last minute shopping in GF and then head home. Unless of course we find another place to stop along the way. You never know.....

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