Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April 3rd to 8th

Well, we enjoyed our week in Death Valley. We stayed 4 nights at the Sunset Campground at Furnace Creek. The weather was delightful - temps of high 80s low 90s - almost too hot! We enjoyed relaxing at our site and walking over to the Furnace Creek Ranch resort for ice cream and sitting on the grass under the date palms. We were not alone however, a coyote was enjoying eating the dates on the ground. 

If you ever go to Death Valley and camp don't expect great campgrounds. Sunset is a parking lot - 720 sites! But at $12 a night what can you say - plus it is close to the amenities. 

Monday we headed to north Death Valley. We stopped in at Stovepipe Wells for gas and then took a walk into the Dunes. We also did this two years ago when we were last in DV - but what is a trip to DV without a dune walk. The poor lizard we spotted became our photo subject, we must have scared him chasing him around the bush for a good picture.

We then headed up to Mesquite Springs campground. A much higher elevation of 1800 ft so much cooler than Furnace Creek. However, the campground is much nicer with individual sites and native plantings. On Tuesday we went for a bit of a hike and took some nice pictures. 

Today, we left Death Valley stopping at Scotty's Castle on the way out. We headed into Nevada on the 95 to Tonopah where we headed east and then north up the Big Smokey Valley. Imagine in a few days we went from 93˚F to 39˚F - burrrrrrrrrrr! We are definitely not used to these temperatures and dare I say a bit wimpy now. 

The trip through Nevada was windy and we had a few patches of blowing snow. Ah the white stuff - it has been awhile. For anyone (like me) who thought that Nevada was a desert - not true. Mountains, mountains and more mountains. We found some beautiful country along the 278 at Pine Valley just south of Carlin. Most of the pictures I took were in the truck - while we were moving. Why stop and freeze when you can just point out the window. 

Tonight we are in luxury staying at a hotel in Elko, Nevada - way to cold to camp. We haven't had TV and a real bed since December when we were headed down south. My how time flies...

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