Thursday, April 10, 2008

April 10th

Hello - day number two on the road to home. 

After a good stay at the Thunderbird Hotel we spent the morning walking and shopping in the historic part of Elko, Nevada. We really like this town and all the people we met were very friendly. We started the morning right with a good cup of coffee from Cowboy Joe's - - a great shop with great coffee and stuff. Needing a bite to eat before we started shopping we headed over to the Stockmen's Casino and Hotel. We left stuffed for $12.

We stopped at a few shops and found somethings to buy. In particular we want to tell you all about J.M. Capriola Co. - A great western shop with great people - if you need western wear or equipment this is the place! 

By 1:00 we were back on the road headed east to Wells, Nevada and then north to Idaho. Another windy day and some snow showers. Thankfully, the sky looked a lot worse then it was. 

At Shoshone we stopped for dinner at the Manhattan Cafe - a neat place. Then headed back on the road east to Carey and on. We just managed to see the Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve as the sun was setting. A neat geography created by a volcanic eruption.

Tonight we are in Arco, Nevada on our way to Montana tomorrow.  Almost home!

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