Saturday, March 22, 2008

March 22nd

Hi all!

Finding wifi right now is a bit more difficult. As mentioned on our last posting we came to the Parker/Quartzsite area. We actually are just south of Bouse on BLM land - wandering the desert. We are happy to say that we now have a fancy new solar panel that we are just over the moon about - free electricity! We are now official 'boondockers'! Free camping - yaaaaa!

Not much new as we stay at the site most days enjoying the hot weather. Highs right now are about 30C average with lows at night at about 7C - cold nights in the desert. The scenery is beautiful - surrounded by mountains and saguaro cactus. We also found a prickly pear cactus in bloom on our walk a few days ago - we will go back and take a photo for you - the blooms are beautiful!

Well - we do have a story for you! Everyone has been mentioning to us that the snakes are starting to come out! but we're thinking to ourselves - what are the chances - right? apparently pretty good! We went for a walk a few nights ago minding our own business when we pretty much stepped on a SIDEWINDER RATTLESNAKE - yup! he must have been a sleep because he only gave us about 5' warning and he was up with fangs exposed ready to strike. Our hearts must be strong as neither of us suffered a heart attack. Let's just say we haven't been walking as much and when we do we scan really well for any movement! What a way to be introduced to our first snake in the wild!!

We will be here until next week - after the long weekend and spring break. Then we will head to Valley of Fire just north east of Las Vegas - yup - headed home - sort of! We will stretch it out as long as we can. It pains us to think that we have to leave this hot weather for the cooler weather come Utah and north. We love Sask - but the weather leaves a little to be desired at this time of year.

We are celebrating the Passover with remembrance of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for our sins - we are thankful everyday that we have such a loving God. We have been so blessed - in our life and on our trip - we and our animals have remained safe and healthy. God is Good!

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