Saturday, March 8, 2008

Mar. 1 to Mar. 8

Well a week time flies.

We thought that we would stop sunning ourselves and let you know what we have been up to for the last week! Well - not much - but we have taken a lot of walks and have read many books! 

Yesterday we took a quick drive up to Joshua Tree National Monument since we heard that the desert flowers are in bloom. The drive up to the park is just off the interstate so it was very busy! From our site we drove north over the Chocolate Mountains which we have forgotten to mention in either blogs. The Chocolate Mountains are aptly named and are a neat mountain range.

Enjoy the photos of the flowers. Here at Salton Sea Rec Area there are also flowers mostly the yellow variety - related to the sunflower. 

As you have guessed we quite like this area - we are still here! Daily temps are high 70sF - mid to high 20sC.

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