Monday, February 4, 2008

Feb.2 to Feb. 4

Hi Everyone!

Just a short note to update the last few days. I am sitting here on a bench at the washroom/shower building on the internet as the park host is near by and he was nice enough to give us his wireless password. A lot of RVs have satellite dishes to get internet - most  have passwords so we can't use them. One trick we found yesterday was driving through town with the computer on - as soon as we get a link we pull over. Seems to work well!

Saturday morning we went to the Living Desert Museum and Zoo. It isn't big but nice to see the animals, reptiles and succulents. We got as close to a rattlesnake as we ever want to - behind a piece of glass. Still a bit nerve raking since he was rattling and staring at us. Maggie the bear who is a painter wasn't to be seen except for the wood carving we are standing beside. It was a nice day to stroll around the grounds.

Yesterday we went back to the Caverns as we mentioned. Just as impressive the second time. We forgot about the fact that Sundays would be busier. However, most people seem to take the elevator down to the Big Room which is 1/2 through the tour. The first part is a little more work because the path is quite long and steep - however we had the place to ourselves. We took more photos - photo taking in a cave seems to be a fine art so only about 1/2 or so work out which is a bit frustrating. 

On the way through Carlsbad we were riding beside the motorcycle fellow in the picture. We were happy to see the writing on his jacket - Disciple - Jesus is Lord. Amen. We thought about our motorcycle friends back home. Helmets must not be mandatory here no one seems to wear them.

Today we are just hanging around the park. It is a warm day - about 72F - 22C - but it is really windy so not very nice to sit out - but the trailer is really hot. Tonight we are going to the Fiesta Drive - In to see Sweeny Todd - fun fun!

I forgot to include photos of Brantley Lake State Park in the last batch so here they are.

Tomorrow we are on the road again. We were planning on going north through Artesia and then west to Alamogordo and then through to Los Cruces. However, we hear that there is a steep elevation gain after Artesia to a town called Cloudcroft where they are calling for snow. SNOW! eckk! so we will go south instead back through Texas to El Paso and on to Columbus New Mexico to Pancho Villa State Park. 

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