Saturday, February 16, 2008

Feb. 9 to Feb. 16

Hi all - we are here in Holtville California BLMing it! We are going to make this short as our laptop battery is running low!! 

After Silver City we went to Tombstone Arizona - we were there two years ago and thought we would go back. We stayed in Tombstone at Stampede RV. We enjoyed Tombstone a lot - got Derek outfitted for his Ranger role in Mortlach this summer! We met a lot of nice people there as well!

Then on to Picacho Peak State Park - a very beautiful spot we highly recommend it to all you RVers out there. BUT - it is expensive $20 a night for just electric hook up - water is available at the dump station though!

We then went on to Yuma. I could spend the rest of my life trying to figure out why snowbirds cram themselves into Yuma and along the highway - packed in like sardines! Wowy - we couldn't get out of their fast enough - we did stop in and visit our friend Marvin though! Thanks Marvin!

Anyway, now we are at Hotsprings LVTA - a great BLM. If you want to spend the 6 months here it cost $180 - cheap cheap cheap. We paid $40 for two weeks - still cheap! No hookups but you can park where you want. Most RVs are outfitted with solar panels and generators. Water is easily available in Holtville 8 miles away. Everyone brings the hotspring water to wash dishes at their site. We are been soaking in the hotsprings - surrounded by palm trees! The canal is from the Colorado river - watering the huge carrot fields - this is an agricultural basket area - amazing to see green fields this time of year! 75F tomorrow - we are basking in the sun!

All - for now. You probably won't here from us for a week or so since we will hang out here for a while. On the 28th we will head up to Salton Sea - the Rec park there has WiFi - so we will update you then!!

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