Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dec.28 - Dec. 30

Here we are - two days on the road. All the places so far have had wireless so we are unable to load any photos. That will have to wait until we find an Apple store to pick up a wireless device, However, you all know what flat land with snow on it looks like and that is about all that we have seen so far. Temperatures have been as cold as home until now - a little warmer here in Ottawa, Kansas but not much. We have spent the last two nights in the trailer - the first night in Steele, North Dakota, last night in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. We stopped early tonight and are at a hotel because our engine light as gone on. We will have to get that checked tomorrow - hopefully not a big problem. We may have picked up some dirty gas at the last station.

So far the trip has gone well. The roads are clean and dry - but very busy in most places. We just went around Kansas City which was very busy. We are on our way to Wichita, Kansas on I35 before we head south again toward Texas.

Everyone is fine - however, the animals are not too impressed about spending so much time in the cages. Keda as always is quite the trooper in the back of the truck.

We are looking forward to hopefully warmer temperatures in the next few days and the end of snow!!! However, CNN is on in the lobby and it seems that the temps may stay cool.

We will write again when we can, it may be a few days. We will let you know how the engine light issue works out.


Sarah Williams said...

Happy New Year Adventurers!!
I hope all is well on your trek south. I'm jealous and would love some warmer temps myself right now. Just spent the week in Calgary and it was cold.

If you are interested in pics of the child and xmas holiday...

Happy trekking, keep writing!!

bellelloyd said...

I hope the truck is o.k.. Great travelling,love Dad and Belle