Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jan. 10 to 13

Hello - we' re back. We took some time off from the blog - having too much fun in the sun!

Anyway, here are some more photos. Friday, we went to see 'The Big Tree' close to our park. It is a 1000 years old. While there we met a couple from Indiana - from right around the area of the floods. They were very nice and informative. Since they have been coming here for the last 11 years they know all of the good restaurants. They also had lots of good stories.

Saturday we just hung around Rockport/Fulton area. Went to the Fulton Manor - built in 1877 - ahead of it's time - built by an engineer - with flush toilets and gas lighting. We didn't go in but the grounds were beautiful. We then went to Moon Dog for lunch - we were not leaving here without having some fish tacos and for Derek fresh oysters. The last time Derek had fresh oysters was with Sarah and Mike at Ferris's Oyster Bar in Victoria - ages ago now!

We also toured around the neighborhoods a little. The swanky district. They all have their own canals for their boats - the poor people! Apparently a lot of Californians are moving here because it is still 'affordable'! so 1 million instead of 5!

Today, we went to church at the Coastal House of Faith led by Pastor Jesse Oritz. It was a very good service in a very small building - probably about 30 people. However, lots of energy and the sermon about Liberty was inspiring. 

Not too much new. We have been hanging around reading and sleeping a lot. We will head out as soon as our mail arrives. First stop will be Falcon State Park, south and west of here. We hear that the weather will be cooling off this week - but it is all relative I guess. 

Take care - y'all!

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